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Why the PFPF Method is Key to Wellness + Life-long Weight Loss

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

When people try to lose weight, they try cutting things out

- cut out the sugar

- count calories

- quit the carbs

But in reality, this cuts out the healthiest foods on the planet, the ones that have the most research behind them and have been nourishing for thousands of years.

The PFPF method is the best step towards wellness and weight loss. It stands for meals balanced with:

Plants Fiber Protein Healthy Fats

The key to start sliming down is by adding MORE of the right foods, not restricting.

Step one of this is to add more plants-- try doubling your green vegetable intake.

Here are my favorite ways to add more plants

If you don't eat many greens, add one serving a day.

If you eat salad every day for lunch, add cooked veggies to dinner.

If you always have a veggie with dinner, just double the portion.

This simple PFPF approach makes sure that meals are balanced for managing stress hormones, optimizing fiber intake to reset the gut microbiome, protein for satiety and healthy fat to maintain fullness to increase fat loss between meals.

This approach is a kinder, gentler way to lose weight without the stress of traditional restrictive diets.

I believe that healthy shouldn't be complicated, stressful and take up your precious time. What if losing weight didn't have to be so hard?

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