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Working with Nora


Nora Shank is a registered dietitian with over 20 years of experience, a license to practice in D.C., Maryland and Virginia. She works with a variety of clients to provide medical nutrition therapy for diabetes, IBS and has completed certifications with special qualifications for weight loss.

Experience a caring approach that gets great results. Her simple, scientific and delicious approach has gives clients the spark they need to make permanent changes for a happier, healthier life.



A nutrition assessment based on the Metabolic Scorecard that simplifies the starting point for nutrition and metabolic rejuvenation.

Only $79

GET BACK ON TRACK with science that supports rejuvenation

Start now


Full nutrition assessment and plan with 4 weeks of virtual support

Starts at $300


Start now

Two month package

8 weeks of 1-on-1 coaching to help you reset your mindset, meals and metabolism

Starts at $600

Permanent results that feel easy step by step

STart the program 

The Wellness Cohort

A 12 week metabolic program that fully rejuvenates your mindset, meals and metabolism

Starts at $600 per month


Changing behaviors starts with improving your thought life about food and body image by reprograming your brain.

METABOLIc rejuvenation

Stop the damage of dieting and start rejuvenating your metabolism for lasting weight loss + wellbeing with the Metabolic Meal Method


2100+ pounds lost through medically supervised weight loss without counting calories or cutting carbohydrates.


Imagine eating healthy and exercise feeling effortless.


That's a realistic goal when working with Nora and her three fold approach to achieve wellbeing. Working with Nora starts with an evaluation of your personal health history so that all the parts of your story inform a sensible and research based plan.


When was the last time someone really listened? Nora knows that every body gives clues of disease and dysfunction that can unlock healing and a healthier plan that fits your real life.


Nora will create a personalized plan based on: 

Personal goals

Exercise preferences

Health history


Gastrointestinal health

Labs like blood sugar, cholesterol and hormones

Eating behaviors

Diet history

Food preferences and intolerances

Family and lifestyle 



Clients have access to:

  • One-on-one virtual sessions

  • Access to online videos and resources like recipes

  • Simple plans accessible in a HIPPA secure document

  • Easy-to-implement weekly goals

  • Support with weekly email or text check-ins

While insurance is not accepted at this time, all the paperwork you need will be provided to get reimbursed by your network according to your coverage.

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