Hi! I'm Nora, the mindset dietitian.

Can I share my heart with you? Chances are if you found me, you might have been here once too.


Confession: diet culture really messed up my mind.

Even though I knew what delicious tasted like (I had a catering business) and I knew what was healthy (I am a trained nutritionist), I got stuck in a negative spiral.

I used to think:

" I shouldn't eat that"

" Ugh, maybe tomorrow I'll do better"

" Wow, she looks so great, why can't I have that butt?"

" What do I need to eat to look that way?"

Trying diet after diet taught me to THINK ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME.  And when I ate what I wanted, I felt like a failure. And then delicious food was only a reward for being "good".


I felt trapped in my negative thoughts.

I wasted years gaining and losing the same 20 pounds.


It felt like a battle every day.

My breakthrough happened by accident + grace.

I knew something HAD to change.


All I knew to do was to start putting on the right thoughts instead of just putting off the pounds.


Once I started to change the way I talked to myself, my habits started to change too.


My clients notice the same transformation in my program The Wellness Cohort.  Working on mindset, meals and natural metabolism is how we have lost over 1400 pounds together.

We believe there is a kinder way to lose weight.

My clients have achieved amazing weight loss. But they are even happier that they don't have to think about it again.


By reprogramming a positive mindset, eating delicious meals and training their natural metabolism, they are able to focus less on "dieting" and more on what matters to them, like work, family and their communities.

You have two choices: first, keep trying diets that are all based on the same 3 lies:

1) crank up the cardio

2) cut the carbs

2) cut down the calories


Or, second, you can move confidently in a healthier direction to restore the calm and confidence of a better mind and body.

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