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17 Ways to Eat More Veggies: Why I Will Say Double Your Greens for the Rest of My Life

Wish that it was easier to eat more vegetables? Do you know you should eat them, but then opt for a few baby carrots and call it a day?

We all know we should eat more vegetables. We all wish we could do a better job eating them every day. But without a strategy, you will probably end up not doing it at all.

You’re not alone struggling to eat more vegetables. Most everyone tells me that they know they should eat more, but that they struggle!

But everyone loves to tell me how they order a salad for lunch.

Did you know that a salad has only 3 grams of fiber for the lettuce or spinach or mixed greens?

Even the loft goddess of salads, kale, has only a little more fiber at 7 grams. But then there’s all that chewing…{i get full just because it takes me so long to chew those dang leaves}

SALAD JUST DOESN’T CUT IT. We need more fiber than one salad a couple of times a week.

Green vegetables are the single most important addition you can make to your diet for more energy, better sleep, more control of cravings and losing weight.

I also know it’s hard to be creative with meals. Cooking vegetables in a busy life is even harder.

BUT it doesn’t have to be so hard.

Here are 17 ways to eat veggies that will inspire you to JUST DO IT: double your greens, eat double servings, and cook double vegetables at dinner if you can.

  1. Add Spinach Into the Scramble: it’s as easy as a handful of spinach into the eggs

  2. Make it Omelette Style: adding a handful of frozen onions and peppers into the pan.

  3. Hide Frozen Cauli Rice in Oatmeal: I promise no one will able to tell.

  4. Add Cauli Rice Instead of a Banana: It thickens smoothies instead of adding more carbs

  5. Disguise Frozen Chopped Spinach in Berry smoothies: they won’t be able to see it

  6. Brit it Up instead of Bacon: British tradition adds a slice of tomato for a little lycopene.

  7. Layer it with Avocado: a little fiber-rich healthy fat adds some staying power to meals

  8. Put it to Bed: adding a bed of greens to any meal boosts your potassium intake

  9. Cut up Veggies for Snacks: it's an old trick that works to get you reaching for veggies

  10. Buy the Key Three: one leafy green, one hearty green, and one frozen green.

  11. Start with a Plain Salad: just the greens and a simple dressing to offset your appetite

  12. Choose Double: double your vegetables instead of adding a starch side at the cafeteria

  13. Eat a vegetable-heavy soup: broth-based soups with vegetables are usually < 100 cals

  14. Stock Your Freezer: lose the excuses that it’s bad or you don’t have them.

  15. Roasty Toasty: every vegetable taste good roasted with olive oil, kosher salt + high heat

  16. Pair with a cuisine: edamame with Asain, green beans with Italian, broccoli with Chinese

  17. Cook an old school pot of greens: this is how to do it cheaply and eat off of it all week.

Remember, its all about MORE, not less-- remember focusing on adding more of the right foods into your diet helps you to stay off the dieting merry-go-round.

If you don't have a plan for getting the right amount of vegetables into your diet, learn how my clients have used this strategy to lose over 1200 pounds by learning more about the Wellness Cohort here.

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