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Survival Shortcuts For Healthy Meals during the Holidays from the Slim Down Recipe Club

During the holidays, it's a struggle to eat healthy. But not for the reasons you might imagine: yes, there's the cookies, the happy hours, the Christmas candy everywhere.

Everyone thinks that is why they gain weight over the holidays. It might surprise you but the #1 reason people gain weight is because they get too busy to eat the normal healthy meals they enjoy.

Time-saving hacks are key for healthy meals don't have to involve hours of meal prepping. Does it feel easy? If not, then don't pretend its the only way.

An easier path is to par-grill a batch of chicken thats a perfect meal starter! Imagine what it would feel like if you had three quick meals at your fingertips on a holiday weeknight? Watch this video below for more ideas on how to par-grill:

Par-Grilled Chicken Meal Ideas

  • Dry curry rub ---> coconut curry chicken

  • Taco seasoning-->fajitas

  • Herbed --> chicken linguine

  • Soy-based dressing--> stirfry or rice bowls

  • Garlic --> Greek rice bowls

  • Dill + pickle juice--> Grilled chicken salad with Ranch

  • Hot sauce + vinegar --> quick chicken sandwiches

How to Reheat Par-Grilled & Frozen Chicken

Starting from frozen, place your par-grilled chicken with 1/2 cup of water in a pan with a lid. Cook covered over medium-high heat for 10-12 minutes until chicken is heated all the way through.

Weekly Salad Tips

Making a weekly salad can double as your base idea for an easy weeknight dinner-- just add a loaf of french bread, some fresh fruit and your par-cooked chicken reheated

This is just one of the 100's of delicious, healthy recipes that work for busy moms, families and professionals in the Slim Down Recipe Club

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