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3 Food Storage Ideas You Need to Throw Less Food Away

When I started writing and posting about a #weeklysalad method three years ago, the first question I got was, "What do you store it in?"

Food waste is a big problem.

Most homes waste 31% of their food.


Not only is that money down the drain, but often it's spoiled produce that gets tossed first.

Did you know most homes throw away 31% of their food?
3 Food Storage Tips for Throwing Less Food Away

Here's what I've learned works best for storing food so it get's eaten.

1) Buy less bagged salads. They go bad fastest in bags that trap moisture. Buy what you'll eat that night and then buy a heartier green and keep it wrapped in a moistened paper or cloth towel.

2) Buy only sturdy produce in larger quantities: that means apples, carrots, onions, potatoes and celery. Everything else needs to be eaten within 3-4 days before starting to go off.

3) Buy simple clear storage containers. They doing have to be fancy. I like these two types the best: quart-sized deli containers are both leak proof and... they'll make your fridge look like it just shopped at Whole Foods and bought all the prepped food you can dream of 🤗.

I also love my Rubbermaid Take-Along Rectangular containers for my weekly salad. It's shallow enough to stay dry and manage moisture (which ruins salads fast)

To manage leftovers, I pack up at least one and freeze it for quickly reheatable lunches. That way it doesn't languish in the fridge for weeks. Just remember, you can freeze *almost* everything. For complete freezing rules, visit this great blog post.

Some of my favorite ways to reduce waste:

  • Weekly home delivery of produce from Washingtons Green Grocer or Imperfect Produce

  • Cutting up all the produce at once

  • Freezing ends of breads to make bread crumbs

  • Making and freezing stock after roasting a chicken

  • Freezing half of lunch meats to keep them fresh

What do you usually end up throwing out?? I have to say its usually my "I hope I use this again" items :)



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