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Healthier Family Meal Swaps When You're Trying to Slim Down

"Eating healthier food that I make for myself can feel like such a luxury" my client said the other day. She's trying to lose weight, but was struggling to make healthier choices while also cooking for her kids.

It can feel like double the work if you think you have to make two meals : one for the family, and one for yourself.

We all agree that we want to eat healthier meals, but what about when you're cooking for a family?

First, start with a better mindset. Instead of thinking, "My kids won't eat that," try "I can choose healthy foods for me too" or "There's room at the table for healthier foods too" and "Healthier foods for me isn't a luxury!"

Next, try adding the Plus One Strategy to current meals.

The simplest way to slimming down is to add another plant to your existing meals.

Plan healthier meals for you first and then add a side or starch your children will accept and enjoy. It's not wrong to have a "mom" night of food every once in a while! Some examples include making a protein and vegetables you like and then adding bread or quick cooking grains like quinoa or rice to help them fill up at the meal.

Parents deserve choices too: a healthier parent means a healthier, happier family that stays full longer and has more all-day energy.

A quick way I encourage my clients to use to make healthier meal is to use the PFPF Method, which includes adding plants, fiber, protein and healthy fats. It's a simple way to boost the health of your metabolism as as well as the health of your family.

Your health matters too 💛


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