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Why Meal Rhythms Can be CPR for Weary Moms

What's for dinner?

And lunch.

And breakfast.

Do those words just make you cringe?

Our mindset gets stuck in stress mode, so meal planning meltdowns are inevitable.

Now, while I can't magically wave my wand around so everyone can go back to "normal", we can interrupt this self-defeating mindset with a change in our patterns.

Three steps to interrupt that stress pattern:

1. Freeze and flip your negative thoughts about food chores. Remind yourself of the heroic good you are doing for your body & your family's health.

2.  Figure out a rhythm that everyone can follow + help with (if it's pizza night, have your partner order and your kids make the salad or make a veggie platter)

3. Fight for good food memories. Creating positive experiences, pleasurable ones is key for a brain that is feeling more stress- and good food can help heal that!  

Are you struggling to plan those healthier rhythms for yourself?

Here's my top 5 Weekly Salad ideas for busy moms with some fresh flavor ideas to spark some joy in your life.

If you haven't started using this life-saver of a lunch plan, you can do so by getting your free Weekly Salad Method guide here.

You can change your mindset and make healthier easier, {first_name}

Hugs 💛


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