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How Much Sugar Is Healthy for Our Kids?

We moms want to do EVAHREETHING the best we can for our kids.

And one of a common themes I hear from my clients is that they are worried about the sugar.

How much sugar in cereal is too much?

I know the sugar is so bad for them...

I just find myself reaching for their cookies in the afternoon.

It's feels like a vicious cycle.

Kids want it, you buy it.

Then you eat it, too.


Let's stop right there. Is this really a problem? What does the research really tell us??

All ages of American usually eat 22–30 teaspoons of sugar a day.

The recommendations: 6 teaspoons for females and 6 teaspoons for kids.

Same for parents and kids.

Guideline #1 = we need to start looking at it as a HOME goal, not me vs kids.

Here's how to tell if everyone's getting too much sugar:

- drinking sugary drinks daily

- breakfast cereal has > 15 grams of sugar

- dessert is happening with most meals

- most snacks have added sugar

But the first step isn't taking it all away.

Enjoying sugar should never be seen as a "no-no".

Instead, eating foods that taste good should be a regular part of communicating healthy choices. Offering, not insisting on healthy choices is key.

And we should do the same thing for ourselves as parents.

Eating more of the foods that make us feel great instead of focusing on cutting sugar out is the first shift you can make towards healthier eating.

I tell my clients to always focus on a positive change first-- adding more plants first before you "detox" from sugar.

Try some of these great lower-sugar ideas just to boost breakfast:

Download this low sugar High Fiber Pumpkin Muffins recipe

Cheerios mixed with other cereals

These Energy Balls instead of commercial granola bars + fruit

Just by focusing on eating more plants, fiber, protein and healthy fats, cravings for sugar usually disappear.

You don't have to do it overnight. You can just work on one change at a time slowly. And then as you get great results, you can start working on the next meal, or switching out the next snack.

Find more low sugar recipes that are great for moms, dads and kids, check out the Slim Down Recipe Club.

Happy eating,


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