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5 Top High Fiber Snacks

Energy balls, bliss balls, fat bombs... there are so many names for these homemade nuggets.

Three reasons I like them:

1) They fill you up with healthy fats and fiber

2) They use whole, plant based foods

3) They're more affordable + smaller than bars

Here's the basic idea: blend nuts, seeds and dates together and choose your favorite flavoring. It's best to use a food processor for this as the sharp blade works better than in a blender!

Two of my favorite flavors are Cashew Pumpkin Spiced & Chocolate Almond but since it is almost fall, I thought I would share this version. It is moist and delicious and the vanilla from the protein powder adds that sweet smell that we love so much from spiced treats at this time of year.

I recommend focusing on pushing most of your calories into your meals and limiting snacks most of the time. But that isn't always life!! Snacks are a great way to fill a gap between a delayed meal or before/after a workout. Snacking is also SUPER helpful when we need to help fuel our bodies for extended hours between meals.

These balls are perfect for me around 4pm if we aren't having dinner until later, or if we have to delay a meal because we are rushing off to a sports practice or a meeting. Psst... you might have to make a bigger batch because kids just love these too!

For 18 more ideas for snacks under 100 calories that I recommend, look here on Pinterest.


Cashew Pumpkin Spiced Energy Balls

20 minutes to make ~ 25 balls

1 cup raw cashews

1 cup pitted large dates (I use majool)

3 Tb protein powder (I use Juice Plus Complete Vanilla)

2 Tb ground flaxseed

2-3 Tb smooth almond butter

2 Tb pureed pumpkin or soft baked sweet potato

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp ground nutmeg


Grind cashews and dates until small pieces form in a food processor bowl. Add protein powder and flaxseed and whiz to combine. Then add almond butter, pumpkin or potato, cinnamon and nutmeg and process until smaller pieces begin to form, the size of oatmeal flakes. Press to combine and roll into balls.

Nutrition: 115 calories/ 20g carbs/ 4 grams fat/ 3 g protein/ 3 gram fiber

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