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Why Plant-Based Eating is More Powerful than Dieting

It's not about eating more salad to slim down.

Eating salad is actually very ineffective for losing weight!

Lie: eat lots of salad to lose weight

Truth: eat a lot of plants + enough nutrients to change your body

In our typical side salads, they contain lettuce, carrots, cucumber and tomatoes-- maybe some cheese or croutons-- and while nothing is wrong with that, it doesn't change too often at the table at home.

In a typical Weekly Salad, there are more six or more types of plants on purpose! For instance, the Pomegranate Broccoli Weekly Salad has romaine, broccoli, strawberries, pomegranate seeds, cucumbers and fennel bulb.

Eating more plants is a simple way to slim down
Eat a Weekly Salad to Slim Down Simply

The more DIFFERENT kinds of plants (and plant proteins) we eat, the more powerful our gut microbiome becomes, which to help us achieve optimal health by regulating our stress, our hormones and our metabolism.

I could tell you all the features of each plant— how many antioxidants, the fiber content or all the Vitamin C you’ll get from eating this Weekly Salad— but it matters more how many kinds of different plants we eat.

Enter: The Weekly Salad Method

A simple way to eat more variety of plants.

Here are 3 Simple Ways to Slim Down Every Day with Plants

1- Add spinach to eggs or a smoothie

2- Add a Weekly Salad to your lunches

3- Double your serving size of vegetables at dinner

Eating more plants is the most powerful way to change your health permanently so keep roasting, chopping, chewing and making your meals healthier and delicious!



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