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Why Meals Win Over Counting Calories Every Time

Like I said last week in our community talk-- meals matter so much to our families during these times.

Whether you are AT home or back to work or school, nourish your body and soul with delicious food is every more important.

But it's hard work.

Whether you are AT home or back to work or school, we need to nourish our bodies so that we can keep going. Just don't get hung up on counting calories.

Just remember:

Food isn't just fuel, it's so much more than a means to the energy we feel-- its an act of love, sacrifice, fellowing and community.

Calories are just one measurement of what we are eating. You could eat only 1000 calories a day and be missing crucial nutrients that help, not stall weight loss. That's why we choose the PFPF Method: plants, fiber, protein and healthy fats, which are critical to losing weight well.

If eating this way is difficulty because you struggle to make healthier meal plans, try just one of these tips and watch how the positive addition of ONE healthy habit can transform your health.

First: my top tip for saving time in the kitchen is to develop meal rhythms. If you want to learn more about these calm, kinder ways to meal plan, come to my free workshop I'm hosting.

10 Time Saving Tips for Healthier Eating:

1) Buy a backup meal options + then just add the Plus 1 strategy (See tip #8)

2) Make a weekly salad for yourself

3) Cook twice the meat so you can cook once, eat twice.

4) Buy only hearty greens that don't go bad.

5) Whole carrots, celery and apples last for up to 6 weeks in the fridge

6) Buy precooked meats like chicken sausages for faster dinners

7) Use the 4-3-2-1 rule for shopping (4 veggies, 3 high fiber foods, 2 proteins & 1 healthy fat)

8) Buy at least 2 bags of frozen vegetables to add to fast meals

9) Chop vegetables up for easy use when you get home

10) MEAL RHYTHMS (yet it bears repeating because it is both planned AND flexible)

Hugs 💛


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