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When Your Metabolism Needs a Comeback

I am eight weeks post my brain surgery to remove a 3cm acoustic neuroma tumor. The initial highs of waking up after 11 hours of surgery and being alive-- but that joy doesn’t erase how hard it’s been to get healthy again.

Even though I don’t have any major side effects, my metabolism is sluggish.

Taking medications to support my healing after surgery caused metabolic dysfunction (hello tummy rolls + moon cheeks). It's frustrating because my clothes don't fit the same, my pants are tight and I feel less comfortable in my swimsuits.

And despite eating healthy, I still have to get back on track and help my metabolism lose the extra weight from the stress.

But let's be honest: It feels hard and overwhelming to focus on weight loss with so much going on in our lives.

Doesn't it feel hard to get back on track? Maybe you've experienced additional stress or you've just pushed your wellbeing to the side because of the kids or your job. And that's when we start to accumulate weight AND bad habits like:

  • Not working out or moving less

  • Getting off track from eating real meals

  • Or eating too much of whatever feels good.

I'm guilty of the last one a lot lately- more sweets, more treats, more snacks...

Those negative choices make us feel guilty that we can’t take better care of ourselves.

We want to eat healthy, exercise and plan meals but it can feel hard to comeback from those setbacks.

That’s why we're doing a summer cohort for women who need a comeback.

I’m also going to be doing this cohort to rebuild my health. We'll work together, rejuvenating our metabolism, eating healthier, planning better meal rhythms and rebuilding a healthier mindset.

This cohort is for those of us who deserve a comeback-- it's time to say yes to your health again.

The waitlist opens on June 20th join the waitlist here for an exclusive offer.

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