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Special Spring Recipes for Healthier Holidays

Spring produce is now bursting with the season's best: leeks, fresh greens and radishes, full of fresh flavor and detoxifying properties. Combined with eggs, symbolizing new life, these three egg dishes are perfect for a special holiday meal or weekend brunch.

3 Spring Egg Dishes to Try

Looking for a dish to wow your guests? Try Nora's popular Pinterest recipe, Sweet Corn Basil Butter Leek Frittata. Sweet corn and basil combined with leeks sautéed in butter make this high soluble fiber egg dish sing with beautiful flavors. Here's the recipe multiplied for a crowd:

Sweet Corn Basil Butter Leek Frittata for a Crowd (serves 10-12)

1 dozen eggs

1/2 cup half and half

3 leeks, washed and sliced into rounds

2 small ears of sweet corn, cut off cob

4 Tb butter

1 cup fresh basil, sliced thinly

1 tsp salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

Need a gluten-free casserole idea? Try Nora's high protein Elegant Egg Bake recipe which slices beautifully and is packed with hidden veggies and spinach. Looking for something vegetarian? Try this beautiful French Frittata that is simple and delicious.

Looking for more help planning your menu? I love sharing what I'm making so here's the start of my brunch menu for hosting this year's Easter meal.

Nora's 2022 Easter Brunch

Everything Bagels and Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese

French Frittata

Crispy Leek Asparagus Salad with Lentils & Radishes

Oven-Baked Ham

Scalloped Potatoes

Lemon Ricotta Cupcakes


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