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How to Get Out of a Spiral Down About Your Weight

Ughh, nothing fits.

I'll just wear my yoga pants.

I hate my stomach.

I really need to exercise more.

I'll start tomorrow.

Raise your hand if you've ever been there 🖐

In my recent interview with Jessica Peterson for the Just Own You Summit, I share how those thoughts destroyed my confidence. I would spiral down all the time about my weight, my workouts and the way I thought about my body.

But how do we get out of that "dark place" as dubbed by one of my clients Emily?

The surprising answer is MINDSET.

Our lack of confidence about what we eat, what we look like and what we "should be doing" start with wrong thinking.

Why do we struggle so much with weight?

Because we feel like we are doing it all wrong.

(That's also the diet industry's fault) We always have a choice about how we think. And we can change the direction of our health with three simple shifts in our thoughts:

1) Freeze the negative thoughts that are floating around.

2) Figure out if they are true or not + reframe them.

3) Flip the thought with an affirmation based on your values.

This is a radically different way to approach weight loss and long-term health!! And it restores the calm around food and our bodies that we need so that we can really change.

We don't really need more "plans" or "challenges" or "structure". Our chaotic minds + lives don't need the stress of more rules to follow.

Imagine if you could change that inner negative voice saying it isn't going to change? Changing the way we think frees us to be able to make clearer, happier, healthier decisions about our direction so that we can be our healthiest.

Imagine the power of waking up with clear purpose and direction about exactly what to do to become healthier today.

My heart is to help people not just change their waistlines, cholesterol or to lose fat-- it's to give them a whole new, effortless way to approach healthier habits.

Need more examples of how to do this? Try my Mindset Reset for Weight Loss mini-course here.



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