Save Yourself From Supplements

As a little girl, I remember opening a drawer in my grandmother's house, who was famous for collecting all sorts of things. She had a full kitchen drawer of them, and another one in her bathroom.

I think that's not unlike some of you-- with your closets full of old vitamins.

I get asked all the time, "What supplements should I take, Nora? Are they effective? Does my body really need them?"

If you scroll through Instagram or the web, the opinions are EVERYWHERE:

You have a few options--

1) You can BUY and TRY everything = stressing and guessing

2) You can TAKE NOTHING = no potential benefits

3) Read everyone on the internet until you give up

4) Get a professional involved.

While the last option is always my favorite (ahem... you can schedule a FREE 20-minute session with me to discuss this here) I know you all are probably wishing there was a cheat sheet:

Here's the basics. (and as always please consult a physician to make sure your supplement routine isn't working against your medications)

A quality multivitamin can't hurt you. In fact, if you have a chronic illness, are pregnant or breastfeeding, are vegan or vegetarian or over 60, you should definitely be taking one daily.

But here are my favorites and top supplement recommendations:

ANTIOXIDANT --> My top recommendation is Juice Plus, which I have been taking for 15 years. It's simply the most researched product out there appearing in more than 30 peer-reviewed journals and seen to lower blood pressure, stress and improve cellular protection.

SLEEP --> I love Neuroscience Kavinace or OrthoMolecular Cerenity PM because they work beyond melatonin or valerian root to address imbalances in GABA in the brain.

NAILS/HAIR --> I use collagen every day in my coffee, and while the benefits of it are mixed in warm beverages, I'd rather take in something I am going to drink everyday than forget. And my nails are amazing so there's that.

ENERGY --> I would always recommend sleep first, but occasionally I'll take a simple B-vitamin complex in Emergen-C packets. It's simple, it takes good and it has some electrolytes.

MOOD/OMEGA-3 --> I rely on Nordic Naturals for a really pure and easily digestible product. I love the lemon flavored ones which make them "gummies" for my kids. Some studies show that Omega- 3 is as effective as a low-dose antidepressant.

FIBER --> I could not speak more highly of Regular Girl, a low FODMAP and easy to digest fiber powder that dissolves in water, and is odorless and tasteless. (Again, putting in coffee is very helpful). It also contains 8 billion probiotics as well as the prebiotic fiber to heal or boost the gut microbiome. My clients rave about this! Use the code NORAS10 for 10% off your first order with them.

MAGNESIUM --> Magnesium Citrate is the most easily digestible form and I recommend trying Calm, a powder drink formula. If you have a magnesium deficiency from medication use, try magnesium glycinate, the more gentle of varieties and try 300 mg for menstrual cramps-- it works like magic!

POTASSIUM--> Double your greens (tricked you!) You know me--I'll say it until I die.

If you have more specific questions about supplements, don't hesitate to schedule a quick call to check to make sure your supplements FIT you and your goals.

Less pills, more food, right?


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