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Renewing Your Promise of Health

As we enter spring, a season of renewal is shining on us just as the warm sun awakens our beautiful city.

It feels good to think about a new season.

Even searches for "future" and "future self" are up over 200%.

We are ready for a fresh start.

But that doesn't mean we've actually made any promises of renewal to ourselves.

Someone asked me this week, "What are your fitness goals for this year?"

And I realized had not even thought about it for a whole year.

Survival is not well synced for renewal.

But we have always have a chance to change-- change our meals, our mindset and our metabolism.

How do you envision a healthier future? It starts with reprograming your thoughts.

Mindset shifts are key to keep our primitive brain from fighting change with survival strategies.

Here's a simple way you can envision a healthier future this spring: Make yourself a promise you can keep.

A few promises to try:

"I promise that I will renew my body with more joyful movement"

"I promise I will enjoy plants because they renew my energy"

"I promise I will create simple meal rhythms that renew my health"

or, perhaps my favorite: "I promise I will double my greens to renew my health"

I can't change the stress we all feel as we come to the edges of our energy, from the untold mental strain or the loneliness, but I believe we all have a chance for personal renewal this spring, towards a healthier, happier future.

To your future healthier self,

Nora Shank

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