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A Free Meal Planning Worksheet

We all know we should meal plan. Saying you'll meal plan sounds like such a great idea because it:

  1. Saves time.

  2. Helps us stay on track.

  3. And saves us from the pain of that 5 o'clock question, "Shoot, what are we having for dinner???

It should be a no-brainer routine we do every week.

But doing it when you're busy sucks. (Just being honest here) becomes a quick scribble on the way out to the grocery store.

But what if you could have a better system that help you plan healthy meals fast for slimming down WITHOUT having to make two different meals??

In my upcoming masterclass, How to Plan 7 Days of Slimming Meals, I'll be teaching a simplified approach to meal planning that can be done in less time than a Netflix show.

My clients often tell me they try to meal plan, but that when they get busy one of two things happen: #1 they don't want to make two dinners or #2 their plans change so food goes bad.

Here is the simplified solution to this problem: DON'T MEAL PLAN!

You don't need meal plans, you need rhythms that work in your real (really busy) life.

Meal rhythms are about find rhythms based on available time rather than following a strict plan. And it teaches a quick way to prioritize high fiber foods and plant that will help you lose weight, while not having to cook two separate meals, if you have a family.

STEP ONE: look at your calendar

STEP TWO: pick themes

STEP THREE: add in the right sides.

Free Meal Planning Download PDF
How to Plan 7 Days of Slimming Meals

This is the exact method I use in my everyday meals. Everyone's been loving on Instagram seeing what I've been eating, so I thought I would share what my typical day looks like when I use this meal planning strategy.

Here's a typical day using the worksheet:

But first fiber...

1) high fiber cereal + blueberries (11g)

2) bison burger + kale salad with dressing + mushrooms + grilled onions (9g)

3) chia seed bar (5g)

4) 2 slices pizza (2g)

Again, on Sunday....

1) Sprouted grain English muffin + PB (9g)

2) 1 donut hole + coffee with Regular Girl fiber (5g)

3) Nora's Perfect Tuna Salad + Pea Crisps + orange (11g)

4) 1 cup ramen noodles + 1 cup stirfry veggies (5g)

(+ a homemade tagalong by @eatingbirdfood)

I have gotten to a place where I don't even have to think about it anymore because my rhythms have become routines! I consistently have 3-4 breakfast options that fit the Rule of 3, two lunches that I plan weekly, and then fit in family-friendly dinners that have high fiber sides and extra plants in them that we all enjoy.

This is exactly what happens to my clients-- they love what they are eating, know exactly what healthy foods their bodies need and rhythms that make it almost mindless to execute meals they can cook even when they're busy!

If you want to learn more about how I plan these kinds of meals, come join my LIVE masterclass where I'll teach you about the role of fiber in slimming down.

This is one of the most powerful methods that has helped my clients lose over 1400 pounds and counting without adding stress into their day.

Happy meal planning!



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