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Is Salad Really Slimming? The Truth about Weight Loss + Salad Eaters

I spent years eating salad for lunch.

As a dietitian, I thought I knew what to eat.

I thought it would keep me slim.

But two hours later, I was ravenous. I couldn’t stop thinking about what else I could eat.🍩🥯🍪🧁

Maybe just a little piece of that donut…

Let's see what else is in the pantry...

I was trying to be good, but it spiraled into a cycle of cravings the rest of the day. 🍕🍔🍫

I spent years as a dietitian practicing this.

But eating this way just left me feeling out of control.

It left me so frustrated trying to follow all the "rules". Which just led to up and downs on the dieting merry-go-round.

My clients say the same thing:

“Nora, I’m trying so hard. I eat oatmeal for breakfast, I get that salad with chicken for lunch, but then I really struggle...After dinner, it’s like I get a taste for something and I can't help it!”

✖️Does being healthy have to feel like a battle??✖️

👉Try this Weekly Salad Method to control cravings: get a free guide to get started eating with the PFPF Method, a scientifically way to eat that balances your blood sugar, so you stay satisfied while slimming you down. 👈

This free guide is a kinder, more sustainable way to slim down and eat healthier. It's developed by dietitian and busy mom Nora Shank, who helped her clients lose over 1700 pounds together.

Salad, Healthy Eating Guide to making Craveable Salads
Stop Eating Chicken + Salad to slim down

Tired of “tricks” and weight loss quickies?

You don't have to eat chicken and salad to lose weight.

Find a fresh delicious approach to eating healthy with this free guide and start eating salads you'll crave every day that will help you finally get back on track.

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