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Happy New Year from Nora Shank Nutrition

Happy New Year from Nora Shank Nutrition!

Are you on the right track this January? Are you moving clearly in a healthier direction?

Or do you find yourself worrying about the future just getting worse??

2020 may not have been the easiest year, but the results speak for themselves-- we survived, we ate, we drank (maybe a tiny bit more) and we moved in the healthiest direction within our power.

Nora Shank Nutrition exists to help men and women learn a life-long nutritious direction with ease through the Wellness Cohort and personalized support.

Here's how one client feels about starting the new year after the Wellness Cohort:

I just wanted to reach out at the beginning of this new year to say THANK YOU! This is the first time maybe ever that I’m beginning a new year super encouraged for where I am in my health journey and super excited for the journey ahead. I have so appreciated being apart of the Wellness Cohort, the encouraging videos and posts along the way ...with all the little changes I have seen real, lasting change.

What if we don't have to choose between easy OR healthy.

We all like to think its SO MUCH HARDER.

What if eating healthier was simpler?

In the Wellness Cohort, you learn that all you have to do is focus on more plants, more fiber, and enough of the healthy fats in a meal.

✖️ not thinking about good or bad foods all the time

✖️ not worrying about pasta night or ordering pizza

✖️ not feeling guilty that you didn't try harder

My client says it best:

I didn’t deprive myself of anything that I wanted to eat over the holidays just maybe ate smaller portions. Typically I tell myself that I won’t buy or make this or that because I’ll eat it but I remembered you talking about food/memory associations and I actually enjoyed eating certain treats without the guilt.

These are the results we need to aim for-- simple and sustainable. Since 2021 doesn't promise any more predictability (except more change) we have to choose a direction we can do.

The strategies I teach don't work overnight-- they work for the rest of your life:

"On New Year’s Eve I weighed my lowest. Then it hit me that since I’ve been taking my belt in more and more, and that maybe I could buy a size down in jeans and motivate myself for the new year. I brought them home and they actually fit now. I can’t even tell you how happy I am. I am so happy, encouraged and so very, very grateful for you and all your wisdom and help. I am so happy to be starting this January on the right track!

Here's to another year of choosing a simple, healthy direction and reaching goals!



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