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Don't eat sad salad

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Salads are going to springing up everywhere as we approach the warmer months.

But so many of my clients tell me that their salad consists of the following:





That's sad, my dears. Don't eat sad salad.

What you need is a salad that sings to you. That makes you excited to eat lunch. If nothing else, you deserve to eat food that makes you happy.

How do you get out of the rut of eating the same food, or the same salad, every weeknight or lunchtime?

You need to find inspiration. People flock to salad places because they don't feel qualified to make good flavor combinations.

But you're smarter than you think:

Use an everything pizza as an inspiration: you can do this!

Start with a hearty green. Then add some tomatoes, some green peppers, sliced mushrooms, sweet onion, black olives, mozzarella cheese (I suggest small miniature fresh ones to keep your salad from getting soggy) and shake some oregano on that baby.

Done. Beautiful. Delicious. Makes you WANT TO EAT SALAD instead of buying a slice of pizza.

That's a major win.

Need more ideas? Download my brand new Weekly Salad Guide Its full of ideas and instructions on how to make this #weeklysalad work in your own life.

As always, I post an (almost) weekly salad that I'll be eating myself over on Instagram



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