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Building a Better Smoothie for Slimming Down

Typical smoothies can be higher in carbohydrates than a donut.

Did you know that one Krispy Kreme donut tops out at 22 grams of carbohydrates, but that most smoothies out there are easily double that, with 40-50 grams of carbohydrates per serving?

If your goal is to slim down, I recommend my clients following the PFPF method to build a better smoothie-- one that can keeps you full for at least 4 hours.

The PFPF Method means balancing a meal with:

- plants

- fiber

- protein

- fat

This supports your natural metabolism by lowering your glycemic response and allowing you to stay full for more than three hours, which is a form of fasting between meals. This "fasting" between meals activates glucagon, which promotes use of stored fat as an energy source in a calorie deficit.

That's why my clients don't just lose weight, they lose fat-- on the outside and the inside (visceral fat is one of the most dangerous sources of stored fat in our body-- it lies on our internal organs, which can cause a higher waist measurement)

Here's one of the newest smoothie recipes, Coconut Chocolate Cherry Smoothie, from the Slim Down Recipe Club that follows the PFPF method:

To get more great recipes that are balanced for slimming down and losing fat, while also keeping you full with delicious flavor, consider joining smoothie challenge, where you can get 14+ smoothie recipes designed by a dietitian.

Spring is the perfect time to add smoothies back into your healthier meals. I know I will be adding more of these in when we start our 7 day Spring Smoothie challenge.

Have you signed up for the challenge yet?



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