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Get a Jumpstart with a Spring Smoothie Challenge

Everyone agrees that smoothies are a great way to eat healthier and slim down.

They're easy to make for yourself or your family and a great way to add more plants.

But, most smoothies aren't the best for your metabolism.

Here are 3 key mistakes I see most people make when having smoothies:

- too low in calories

- too low in fiber or fat

- too much fruit

Also a big complaint I hear is that they tried making a smoothie and it wasn't delicious.

Let's fix that!

Join our 7 day smoothie challenge starting on April 17th in the Wellness Cohort.

Our goal is simple: replace one meal with a smoothie for 7 days in a row.

Why join?
More plants = instant energy
More fiber = reset your gut + slim down
More consistency= healthy eating confidence

For only $7, here's what you will get in the challenge:

1) 3 mini trainings on mindset, meals and metabolism to help you get back on track

2) 15+ tried-and-tested smoothie recipes

3) Community, coaching and that boost you need!

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