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3 Most Popular Recipes from the Slim Down Recipe Club

I’m not proud of the Slim Down Recipe Club because of the delicious recipes.

I'm not just pleased with how easy they make healthy eating.

I focused on why everyone raves about the feel good effect both in their lives and the lives of others.

One of my clients this week texted me:

‘Because of the recipes and training you’ve given me, my daughter is loving learning about nutrition through cooking your recipes 👏 ‘

3 Slim Down recipes that have been downloaded hundreds of times:

The first is the low sugar High-fiber Pumpkin Muffins are a mom + family favorite because they freeze and reheat beautifully.

Next is another breakfast favorite -- the Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie that is super creamy, delicious and sweet-tart with a huge boost of fiber naturally from the raspberries.

Last, is my Quick Lentil Soup, which comes together in less than 20 minutes and is reheatable and re-scoopable all week long.

A recipe isn't a small activity when it leads to mighty actions. I want my clients to feel like powerful, healthy and peaceful eaters that raise the next generation this way.

I’m happy because when moms use healthier recipes and their daughters learn them, we break the chain of food shame and body shame. This is mind blowing to those of us who grew up with moms on Slim Fast, or counting their points on Weight Watchers or running mile after mile because they had pizza with their family the night before.

  • No more restrictive diets

  • No more counting

  • No more over exercising

The Slim Down Recipe club is just delicious, healthy meals from simple recipes that you and your kids can make.

Let’s be apart of making a new generation of healthier eaters who love delicious food and know how to take care of their bodies well.

Are you a member yet of the club?

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