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Prospering in the Present

January is for making resolutions.

February, for most, is about giving up on them.

What about if we took March back from feeling guilty and got better goals?

Here's are a few way to take back this month to MARCH FORWARD in life, whether your goals are health related or not.

1. Instead of sprinting into the year and burning out by the second quarter, make smaller, positive goals. For instance, instead of swearing off all sugar, aim for swapping sweets with sensible solutions or making a better goal like eating a healthy lunch so you don't get hungry for afternoon treats. Better goals are smart: specific, measurable, achievable, reasonable and time-bound. For instance, instead of "I'm not going to eat sugar," saying "I am going to eat high fiber cereal before I leave for work so that I don't stop at Starbucks and buy a scone."

2. Share your goals with a friend. This makes it alot more fun and makes you more likely to achieve them. Studies show that verbalizing a goal to a friend makes you 50% more likely to succeed.

3. Aim for prospering. Prospering has two root meanings: to make successful AND to flourish and grow strong and healthy.

4. Write down your goals beyond the problem and visualize how you will think, feel, look and be different; then, place it somewhere you will see every day.  This is an exercise I learned from Marie Forleo, the business coach I've learned a lot from. Here's a video from her on goal setting with soul.

March can be all about making forward progress. No need to get down on yourself or make grandiose gestures: goals that come from the soul usually are much better and find much great traction.

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