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Movement that Moves the Scale for Busy Moms

This week in the Wellness Cohort Community, we talked about how to set movement goals that work for busy moms.

The kindest approach? Don't view workouts as punishment for what you ate.

The most practical tip? Schedule your workouts + keep your promises to yourself.

The number one movement type that boosts your natural metabolism is using weights.

Did you know that the effect on your metabolism is up to 36 hours from the right types of workouts?

Now before you get worried because you aren't a body-builder-- there are many types of weight bearing activities! it's all about resistance, which can include resistance bands, leg bands, body weight multiple joint movements and ballet type workouts.

The most effective movement --> Your metabolism is boosted up to 36 hours from the right types of workouts.

That means you can workout only 3 times a week and get results. See the slideshow below to see how movement and metabolism are most effective.

To watch our live coaching session on how to make smarter movement choices during the holiday that sustain a higher metabolism, watch the video here in our online community.

In this coaching call, we also discuss my favorite trick for overcoming our own resistance (aka lacking motivation for working out)! 

We will be staying motivated this month by getting paid using the Paceline app (use my code OHWB1W to earn $5 right away!)

I will be giving away $100 giftcards if we get 50 people to join!

Hugs, 💛


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