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How to Save 2 Hours a Week on Healthy Eating

How many hours do you think you spend on “food chores” every week?

Shopping for food

Buying food.

Putting away the food.

Planning meals.

Thinking of the recipes.

Making lists.

Making food.

Cleaning up the kitchen.

Those are a lot of food “chores”—- they can add up to about 10 hours a week!

As a dietitian and busy mom, I understand how little time we feel we have to make and eat something healthy.

Here’s my favorite hack to save two hours of time: I make a Weekly Salad every week so that I have a base of plants to add to my lunch.

We also had a great live coaching call in the Wellness Cohort where I share my top 10 tips for saving your up to 2 hours a week on food chores for our live #meals coaching session:

Nora's Top Ten Time-Saving Healthy Eating Tips

1. 1-2-3 veggies (1 serving at breakfast, 2 at lunch, 3 at dinner)

2. Prechopped starters

3. Precooked grains

4. Precooked meats

5. Buying & keeping PFPF ingredients around

6. Use the 1-2-3-4 method at the store

7. Monthly autoship of pantry items

8. Produce delivery, locally with Washington Green Grocer

9. Meal prep storage

10. A freezer backup meal

Catch Episode 55: Top Ten Time Saving Tips in the media section where you can watch 60+ videos on how to eat healthier and slim down!

Dig in my dears,


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Caiden C
Caiden C
Jul 31, 2022

Thaank you for sharing this

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