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How To Ride the Wave of a Bad Body Day

Updated: Nov 17

Entering the swimsuit season which usually makes us scan around and size ourselves up against others. 

Nora Shank Nutrition talks about bad body image days
Coping with Bad Body Days Starts with a Healthier Mindset

And if you're human, you might wrestle with that negative inner dialogue about your weight, your stomach, or how your body compares to others... 

It might not pop up with the bathing suit, but also when

  • last-year's summer clothes are too tight

  • worrying about your upcoming appearance at social gatherings

  • dreading taking family pictures

  • feeling discouraged that prioritizing your health didn't happen again this year.

Raise your hand if you've had a bad body day before🖐

3 Simple Tips to Deal with A Bad Body Day

1) Don't Stay Stuck -- shake it out, deep breathing, change your brain!

2) Identify a Healthy Anchor Thought -- a positive affirmation to hold onto!

3) Choose a Healthy Action -- take action towards your healthier direction!

Remember, it's a wave that you CAN ride without spiraling out. 

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Hugs 💛


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