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Healthier Mindset for Burned out Moms

Ever wake up with that overwhelmed feeling?

Feeling like everything feels impossible?

Or ending the day with the thought, "Today sucked!" ?

Maybe it was an interruption or a disappointment that threw you off:

- oversleeping an alarm

- running out of the right groceries

- stepping on the scale

- forgetting lunch

- skipping a workout

- drinking too much wine

I get it.

It can feel like too much right now.

And then I start to feel like a failure (hand raised -- that's me!) because I'm not taking care of myself!

In our live coaching in the Wellness Cohort today, we talked about the traps and the tricks to get out of the hole when you feel burned out, lose motivation or get sucked into that negative thought spiral.

Here are my top three tips for a brighter outlook when you feel burned out

  1. Freeze and flip those negative thoughts like "It's just getting worse"

  2. Use personal affirmations to cheer yourself on like "I know I'm headed in a healthier direction"

  3. Identify which if the 5 C's of fear feed like worrying about constraints on time "I can't workout"

The trap is simple: our negative thoughts.

The trick is to catch them quickly 💛

The fix is focusing on the truth of what is working to create momentum.

In our group this month we are going to focus on rewarding our movement goals--> for more details join the free Wellness Cohort Community here.

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