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Gut Health is #1 Problem on the Scorecard

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After a month of running ads for the Metabolic Scorecard, I've learned women are all reporting problems with their gut health.

Three warning signs that you have a gut health problem:
- not sure which foods are bothering you
- regular gas and bloating
- inconsistent constipation

When new clients get their initial assessment I am used to hearing this, but I was surprised that hundreds of new women report the same thing!

Remember: If you're struggling with gut issues, you shouldn't take probiotic supplements-- most women do not benefit from probiotics to relieve gas and bloating. In fact, it may make the symptoms worse if the root issues are not addressed.

The 3 C's of Gut Health Problems:

Constipation which shows both nutritional imbalances and microbiome problems from opportunistic bacterial overgrowth.

Consistency problem from bad habits around skipping meals, dehydration or electrolyte imbalances.

Craziness aka not being able to manage blood sugar responses from the stress hormone cortisol which contributes to a lack of calm in our nervous system and perpetuates anxious moods and scatteredness.

Who knew that gut health could so powerfully contribute to anxiety? If you want to read more about the initial findings you can look read the research and recent findings (PMID: 33271426)

For most, gut health is a super simple fix for most women: most of the time I can recommend some simple strategies that resolve constipation and bloating within 2 weeks, so you can return to eating foods without worrying about the bloating and start to feel calmer.

Want to get clarity? Book a Metabolic Mini Session to get clarity on how to repair your gut health so that it doesn't damage your metabolism.

Wellness Tip: skipping breakfast because of a feeling of fullness (whether from overeating or constipation) can be quickly reset by stopping eating earlier in the evening just once or twice in a row. Stimulating the vagus nerve (in your stomach) by eating is key to resetting the trigger for morning hunger again, which promote gut motility.

Hungry for more?

- Take the Metabolic Scorecard

- Join the free 7 Day Slim Down Reset

- Get recipes from the Slim Down Recipe Club

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