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4 Ways To Fight for Wellness at Home

A healthy lifestyle is no longer defined by gyms, classes and carefully crafted meals. We are now globally focused on threats much greater than the threat of a growing waistline.

Our plans are cancelled and our priorities have definitely shifted.

I'll be the first to tell you that staying home for a month was NOT in my plans, nor was homeschooling my kids for the rest of the year.

And while we fear what is is lingering on every single surface, I am more afraid of the fear, anxiety, stress affecting wellness. Study after study show that stress can lower our immune system, so let's focus our efforts on the right factors for staying well.

Here's the number one thing we can do to keep our own homes healthy + happy:

Fight first for happiness and well-being at home.

Dealing with stress is key to surviving this time. My question for every client this week has been: "What are you fighting for during this time?"

(And this is all of course while I am trying to keep my children from fighting with each other constantly)

Here are some key ways to keep the happiness high during this time:

1. Create a daily rhythm. You can steal mine framework here.

2. Create daily rest periods (for parents too). Even extroverts can enjoy it by listening to audio books or music.

3. Make personal care happen before lunch. Meditation, workout, shower, whatever makes you feel your best. It won't happen when you're tired or at the end of the day. There are a hundred fitness apps for free this month including Tone it Up, Down Dawg Yoga, or using Youtube videos from reputable providers like Fitness Blender, Yoga with Adrienne, or this great free yoga class online for kids.

4. Streamline meal planning to reduce food stress. For my "how-to" worksheet on how to plan 7 days of meal rhythms get one below.

And of course, lots of hugs and snuggles. Nothing decreases stress faster or diffuses a hard moment than personal connection.

For more daily tips on this, follow me on Instagram for some IRL application.

Tomorrow, I'll be posting some of my top healthy meals to make from your pantry stash.

All the love,


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