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Detoxing with a Dietitian

Recently I was asked about how to detox from sugar.

Let's make it really clear: there are so many lies out there about detoxing.

Many, many products, pills, celebrities and health professionals are recommending detoxing these days but the real truth?

They're crash diets.

Detoxing is why you have a liver: it filters out pollutants, toxins and things your body no longer needs.

But your body might genuinely be tired of eating too many rich foods, getting too little nutrients and pushing too hard: so here's how to take care of it without your detox becoming a diet.

Here's how "detox" without making your system crash: eat simple, healthy food + choose happy living more than dieting.

For anyone trying to detox their body of unwanted toxins, or long-term medication use, try a much safer method. Use my 7 Day Reset that is based on these healthy, happy principles. You can sign up here for a guided approach. A diet focused on probiotic containing foods, fruits and vegetables is always safe, effective way to help your body take a break from harder to digest foods. 

Start by drinking 60 oz of water every day, then include two servings of probiotic containing foods like kombucha, kefir and yogurt. Try eating less meat. Add unrefined healthy fats from plants like avocado, olive oil, coconut oil and flaxseed oil.

The biggest benefit is always derived from LOTS of green vegetables, not just in salads or raw but sautéed or in smoothies or juicing. Add in other foods like cabbage, celery, or other bitter vegetables to help detoxify the liver. These foods are rich in fiber, iron, calcium as well as B vitamins which can reduce constipation.

Lastly, try adding in lots of spices such as turmeric, cinnamon and fresh ginger to your foods. Adding lemon or grapefruit into your drinks can really 'flush' your body with anti-inflammatory antioxidants and reduce stiffness or muscle soreness.

I highly recommend yoga or therapeutic stretching (if your doctor okays it) to get all that muscle stiffness associated with surgery or stress out of your body, if you've been through a particularly high stress time. I did that this spring when I was trying to recover from writing our book and needed to rejuvenate my system. I also recommend getting extra sleep to allow the body to heal.

Always choose to do something smart and simple for your wellbeing-- instead of crazy, demanding detoxing--even if its just cutting back on sugar and eating two vegetables for dinner, you will still be making HUGE strides towards a healthier, stronger body.

If you think you need to detox, talk with Nora first by scheduling a free 20 minute consult.

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