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Get Great at Meal Plans (and feel like a French woman)

Meal plans are a wonderful idea, but it doesn't work when you run out of time.

But we still wish for a dreamy European meal experience. If every dinner was preceded by a leisurely stroll to the market in the afternoon, followed by a sensuous, uninterrupted experience in the kitchen while the sun streamed in and we sip wine, dinner would be no problem at all.

But while we wish it beautifully easy, food can be a source of stress to us when we are busy.

First, you have to come up with meal ideas (and healthy ones to boot!) Then you have to write out a grocery list, search through your pantry and haphazard fridge to see what's left and then head to the store. Then you have to hurriedly shop, race home to unload all the food, spend time prepping it and that's not even cooking or eating or cleaning up afterward.

On average (not including grocery shopping) American women spend 51 minutes a day on food. Add to that about 1 hour a day spent on eating and that's TWO WHOLE HOURS out of each day.

Do we want to eat healthy? Absolutely.

Do we wish we could plan better meals? Definitely.

But do we feel like we need more time to do so? YES.

What if I could save you 2 hours a week around food?

What if you had a bank of healthy, easy to prepare meals that fit into the everyday rhythms of your life? And how would it feel to crush it on meals this week, knowing that you can eat healthy in the time you have?

This isn't a meal prep challenge or a bunch of freezer meals. I just want to help women find shortcuts and save time on healthy eating.

By the end of this simple 3 day challenge you will:

- Get 30 easy to prepare healthy meal ideas

- Overcome the overwhelm about how to eat healthy

- Pro tips on the grocery game (I used to be a caterer, so I've got you girl on this one...)

I'll be sending out a video each day with a quick, easy to follow step so that we can go from stressed and short on time to calm and confident about healthy meals.

If you'd like to join in on this challenge, click here.

Then I'll be sending out a video each day to your inbox...

Imagine what it would feel like to stop guessing what to make, if you have everything and to stop worrying if it's healthy... it might just make you pour a glass of wine and feel like your French dinner is on its way to the table right now.

See you at dinner mademoiselles.

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