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5 Lunches Moms + Kids Will Love

Instead of making a million different lunches, have you thought about batching your lunch ideas so that they please both kids and moms alike? Why do all that work if you're not going to feed yourself!!

Here are my top 5 lunches that can help families get enough fiber and healthy fat in their diets:

Nora's Perfect Tuna Salad has the perfect mix of fiber, fat and a protein. I love it with Norwegian crispbreads from Trader Joes or Wasa crackers for an extra boost of fiber. The recipe is found in the free 7 Day Slim Down Plan (click here to download).

Classic PBJ updated with sprouted grain bread -- this bread is higher in fiber, lower in calories and doesn't get soggy. Served with a side of cut up veggies is a generous amount of fiber and a dose of healthy fat which keeps you full for hours.

Follow me on Instagram for the #weeklysalad method. A Weekly Salad is a great way to prep once and serve many different ways. Maybe boil some extra eggs, make some extra grains or legumes, shred a little more chicken and add those component to the kids lunches.

Turkey and Avocado Sandwich packs a powerful punch with extra protein and healthy fat.  Did you know that avocado is a great source of fiber too? Add as many veggies as possible: don’t stop at lettuce and tomato— get creative with preshredded carrots, cabbage or even thinly sliced cucumber. To keep avocado fresh, consider freezing individual guacamole packages and adding it to the sandwich later or giving it to kids with carrots to dip with at a lunch with their sandwich.

All the Things with Greek Yogurt Dip.  Mix onion seasoning with unsweetened 2% Greek-style yogurt and a squeeze of lemon juice and watch all those veggies get eaten so fast. Add some whole grain crackers, some fruit, cheese or boiled egg and you have yourself a much healthier lunch-able. This is the simplest dip and if you {or your little one} tend to nibble at lunch, this is a great way to encourage eating a variety of vegetables and whole grain crackers with a dip they like. Make sure to pack a variety of veggies, which hits all the major nutrients. This tip was originally from a fellow dietitian, Jennifer, who is an expert at getting picky toddlers to eat more veggies! Moms can add a bigger portion for themselves and everyone stays full and happy!

Turkey and Avocado Roll-ups. I choose a high fiber lavash found at Costco and other markets, spread a little Kitehill almond-cheese and add some turkey slices for protein and avocado for extra fiber and healthy fat.

My main focus on helping families eat well is to make sure that MOM gets fed too! You deserve a healthy lunch as much as the kids do! Make sure you order yourself some healthy bars, buy your own special high fiber wraps and make it a priority to have foods on hand that will help you to eat healthy on the go for lunch as well.

For more idea on how to make your health a priority, learn more about the Wellness Cohort, which gives you the tools you need to feed both yourself and your family foods that make you feel good and look good too.

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