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3 Sweet Heart-Health Recipes To Try This Month

This month in the Slim Down Recipe Club, we are eating all the red + pink foods.

February is the perfect time to check your risk for heart disease and eat heart-healthier recipes to protect you from disease during American Heart Month.

As always, start with a heart-healthy diet that is high in fiber. We love fiber around here!

But that doesn't mean whole grains-- it primarily means more plants of all colors.

Red foods are high in lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant. Women with the highest intake of red foods like tomatoes, have greater protection against heart disease.

Here are 8 of my favorite red plants that are good for your heart:

  1. Red onion : try soaking thinly sliced red onions before adding them to your salads

  2. Red grapefruit : a grapefruit half for breakfast is only 52 calories and has 2g of fiber

  3. Pomegranate : add these to your cereal or yogurt in the morning for a sweet tart treat

  4. Beets : try adding frozen beets to smoothies like the Sweet Beet Strawberry recipe

  5. Cranberries : they are delicious roasted in the oven with pork tenderloin + balsamic

  6. Tart Cherries: I love adding tart (unsweetened) cherries to my chicken salad

  7. Tomatoes : you can't go wrong with a warming cup of tomato soup for lunch

  8. Red wine : dare I need to add anything?

The newest recipes for the Slim Down Recipe club feature foods like Sweet Beet Strawberry Smoothie which is packed with deeply colored red and purple fruits without too much "earthy" flavor that would keep you & your family from craving more.

Weekly Salad No. 63 includes thinly sliced red apples, beets, and thinly sliced celery along with toasted pumpkin seeds that make this Apple Beet & Bacon Weekly Salad a big hit for a weekday lunch or as a main side for dinner with roasted chicken.

And let's not forget all the hungry moments that are happening in homes- these PBJ Oatmeal Cups with strawberries are high in fiber, low calories and freezeable! They make the perfect snack or quick snack!

To get these recipes and 100+ more easy and delicious ideas, join the Slim Down Recipe Club for only $7 today.

Happy eating,


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