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#1 Tip for Getting Past Meal Planning Misery

Sometimes, meal planning feels like a mystery.

And other times it feels like misery.

Let's be honest that we don't have it under control right now.

And raise your hand if you're tired of making food 🖐

This week I gave 10 simple tips to save time on food chores in The Wellness Cohort Community (if you're not a member, watch it for free by joining our group!)

Meals are far better for boosting the metabolism. But then we still have to make them.... I asked my Wellness Cohort community to fill in this blank yesterday.

When cooking is pleasurable but meal planning is a pain
Getting Past the Block You Feel About Meal Planning

These were some of the answers they gave:

"When it's for the kids, it sucks"

"Cooking is pleasurable but meal planning is tiresome"

Let's fix the block we feel when it comes to meal planning misery!

Step One: Remember why making meals is a beautiful act of love

  • Mealtimes bring people together

  • We share our stories around food and everyone's voice matters

  • Memories are made around the table (yes, even the ones where plates get dropped and the meal get burned)!

Step Two: Find meal rhythms that work in real life instead of a strict plan

- Pick themes instead of exact recipes

- Buy back up options

- Repeat meals everyone

Feeling like you can't get past that meal planning block? Join us for a free workshop on meal planning:

In less time that watching that episode, you can have 21 days of meals planned using my signature 4 step process. You'll also get a free idea bank of ideas and healthy family-friend recipes.


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