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A Single Nutrition Rule That Changes Wellbeing

What if nutrition was simple for everyone? What if doctors could explain to patients in 15 seconds or less that would help them change?

Wellbeing should be for the old, young, rich, poor, illiterate and well-educated. It should not be complicated or expensive.

This was really on my mind that other day while I was downtown. I meet with the highs and lows of D.C. society— from the Harvard think-tankers to the welfare mothers— and they all have the same problem.

Eating healthy seems confusing.

The Harvard fellow told me he was incredibly confused by all the research he did online about changing his diet to lose weight. He felt super overwhelmed when he stepped into my office the other day.

Almost everyone I meet with is following one or all of the top 3 lies about losing weight.

Here are just ten conflicting messages about wellness:

  • Eggs raise your cholesterol—> Eating eggs every day is good for protein.

  • Don’t eat saturated fat —> Use coconut oil for high heat cooking.

  • Don’t cook with olive oil —> Use olive oil in a Mediterranean diet.

  • Nuts contain unhealthy lignans —> Eat nuts as a sensible snack.

  • Wheat is hard to digest —> Eat more whole wheat

  • Don’t eat wheat —> Gluten free pasta is a healthier choice.

  • Cereal isn't a healthy breakfast —> Eat Cheerios to lower your cholesterol.

  • Don’t eat sugar —> Honey is a better sweetener.

  • Don’t eat carbs —> Eat more legumes

  • Don’t eat dairy —> Drink milk for strong bones.

I broker in the currency of misinformation all day long. I'd love to make nutrition a LOT easier for everyone. Using my Rule of 3 you can quickly assess your nutrition.

The Rule of 3

Do you eat at least 3 meals a day?

Do you eat at least 3 different items in a meal?

Do you get at least 3 grams of fiber from plants + 3 more from carbs and 3 grams of healthy fat in that meal?

This is the foundation of my teaching and coaching. This has helped all my clients in our first conversation. It is foundational to learning how to control cravings and lose weight from this framework.

We dive in depth about how to make fiber, healthy fats and flexility work for your wellbeing in my Wellness Workshop. I teach how to fix your meals using this simple rule, master your metabolism and measure the right behaviors over four weeks to help men and women lose weight without dieting.

Often after our first meeting, my clients often say:

Wow, that was great, Nora. I am so glad we talked. I feel so much better about what I need to do. This is so simple. It just doesn’t seem that hard!

These are the same clients who have lost 1000# this year, reduced their pain by 50%, fixed their insomnia, healed their chronic constipation, lost 20# from a wheelchair and so many, many more transformation stories.

Don't let diet culture tell you that it's complicated, expensive or hard to be healthy. Wellbeing is created by opportunities inside of ourselves with the resources we already have. Very few people need anything other than a simple framework to change their wellbeing for good.

If I can help you, let's talk soon.


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