a different approach

What if there is

a kinder way get healthy?

There's a reason why

 90% of diets fail. 


Diets don't work

because they fail to reprogram how we think

about healthy eating +

ignore the path to create

a stronger metabolism.

Learn one simple rule

to eat your way to 

a better metabolism

better meals & 

a better mindset.

The most powerful path is one where you take control again.

But how?

In The Wellness Cohort, reset your natural metabolism with simple, healthy meals and shaking off those bad habits so you can show up for life feeling your best.


Your brain hates when you feel bad.

Your body wants to feel great again.

hungry for more?

1) Grab your free Jumpstart Call with me.

3) Attend a free, live

 workshop with Nora

Nora Shank Nutrition

Try the Slim Down Recipe Club


Feel great with powerfully simple meals and activate

your natural metabolism.


The Slim Down Recipe Club for Weight Loss with Nora Shank Dietitian
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