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The Wellness Cohort with Nora Shank

There's a reason why

 90% of diets fail. 


Dieting is designed for

short term weight loss that

damages our metabolism.

And they ignore the brain behind our unhealthy behaviors


This is a kinder, smarter plan.

At Nora Shank Nutrition we provide a  personalize plan to rejuvenate your metabolism and rewire your brain

so you can lose weight

and stay well for life. 


Rejuvenate your metabolism

& rebuild

a healthier mindset

a different approach

A photo of Nora Jansen Shank a dietitian in Virginia

Need Better Meals Ideas? 
Join the popular
Slim Down Recipe Club

Stop searching for the right recipes
100+ recipes to simplify healthy eating that are delicious, family friendly and balancedfor metabolic health

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