a different approach

Feel like it shouldn't be

so hard to lose weight?

I found a kinder way

to lose weight

+ eat deliciously!​

There's a reason why

 90% of diets fail. 


Diet don't work

because they fail to reprogram how we think about food + our bodies.

This powerful way to lose weight starts with building a new mindset about our bodies and food.

In The Wellness Cohort  , you restore the way you talk to yourself, refresh your meals and reset your natural metabolism, so that your body works with you to lose weight instead of against it.


Because your brain hates when you feel bad.

It wants to feel good.

And you deserve to start feeling good again.

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Nora Shank Nutrition

3 Powerful Steps To Lose Weight Well


Lose weight with a kinder mindset,

powerful meals and activate

your natural metabolism.


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