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Stop Overcomplicating Slimming Down

My most successful clients who have lost 1700 pounds together don't do all the things:

- working out every day

- planning out every meal

- hours of meal prep

- counting calories

- measuring food

- weighing their portions

Slimming down is much simpler that you think.

Because when you start with a kinder approach, the stress goes down and the weight comes off.

The stress of dieting is wildly underestimated when it comes to "falling off the wagon"-- and sticking to making changes that are overcomplicated are a recipe for failure.

There's a better path to slimming down that will make you more successful.

Here are 3 guiding questions you to choosing changes or diets or plans that will stick:

  1. What are the top two changes I need to make?

  2. Why am I choosing to be healthier? The WHY is the most important motivator!

  3. How much time do I have to make these goals happen regularly?

The best kind of life-long change starts by taking one simple step at a time. This is the core of my Wellness Cohort program, which is designed to make healthier eating and weight loss stick by guiding step-by-step healthier habits.

You can also experience this kinder guidance for free in our online community, where Nora gives live coaching on topics like motivation, mindset, healthier meals, and understanding your natural metabolism here.

Talk to you soon,


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